17 Years of BD Bikerz

Our 17 years celebration event was a successful Reunion of some of the magnificent faces of Bangladeshi biking community, Alhamdulillah.

Also from Team BD BIKERZ total 41 core team members have joined and 47 of them participated in planning and creating Fund directly out of 60 Team Members. That itself is another success in our own. Because a large family like us is hard to be present at a time together.. Also when some of of us lives abroad.

Now, coming to the point – This was not at all a title sponsored event – when we were planning – our plan was to arrange a big open air event. But unfortunately the scorching heat and my health conditions was not ok. At this situation we were 80 percent ready with a fund to arrange a small get together. Then a big hearted Raffee Ahmed bhai told me he will give the rest 20 percent fund what is needed – ” Tui kor “.. That is how the plan executed. Hats off to raffee vi and hats off to our another senior adviser #sleepinggiant – Sharif Riaj bhai called me and told me – That he will arrange the gifts and raffle draw – and arranged gifts for all the 100 guests through BD Tanjin bhai.

We had a messed up situation with the new T shirt launching, But at the 11th hour another biker’s messiah – Real Man showed up and lighten up the path. There is another person i would like to thank for the key ring gifts – Sayaan Sharif who is also our senior adviser.
Last but not the least the ultimate organiser of our Team BD BIKERZ – Ibrahim Ibne Ismail Komol, thanking him will not. Be enough.

Lastly i would like to let you all know we have some ultimate dedicated soul in our team , first of all the name comes – MD Shahabuddin Rana , we really appreciate the time and hardship you give us Along with Tanmoy Haque.

Naimur Rahman and Saiful Saif who worked hard with me side by side.

Also appreciate the dedication to run the event – Tushar Rahman, Abu Nashir Bappi, Md Niazur Rahman, Xhamim Xharif.

Also thankfull to Md Ashikur Rahman, Pranto Shahriar, Adil AhMed and Jamil Hossain .

Also thanking Mohammed Sumon for arranging the venue Buffet Empire at Dhanmondi the heart of the town which is BD BIKERZ ‘s birth place.

I would like to thank specially for going extra miles with creating BDB own fund :

Sajib Ahmed, Ibrahim ibne ismail komol, specially Rony Siddiki bhai. Also Anik Khan, shamim, naimur Al Fahad Regan , Shahabuddin rana, tanmoy, Jamil Hossain, Hassan Shaon for moral support and all the #BDB_brothers members of the core team. Without you this event would be impossible.

We are some passionate bikers of Bangladesh staying here for change. For any good cause we are ready to participate. Please stay with us and support us.

Our associates in this event :

πŸ‘‰ TwinCore Moto Dhaka / TwinCore Moto Sylhet

πŸ‘‰ Motocare Bangladesh

πŸ‘‰ Buns N’ Beans

πŸ‘‰ Sharif Motorcyclebitan

πŸ‘‰ Hermoso Fashion

Thank you everyone who participated in this event

Adil rahman


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